San Francisco Pet Behavior

A veterinary Consulting Service

I am Dr. Keely Commins, a veterinarian with over 14 years of experience providing excellent care to San Francisco Bay Area dogs and cats.  I bring my expertise into your home to enhance your relationship with your pet by improving problem behaviors.  Using science and a nurturing spirit, I address aggression, anxiety, housesoiling problems, and many other cat and dog behavior problems.

What makes me unique is my ability to restore peace to your home by healing the bond between you and your pet.  With a practical approach and compassionate exchange of knowledge, I will create a personalized behavior modification and management Behavior Treatment Plan to improve problem pet behaviors.  

I look forward to helping restore peace in your home.  Contact me today!

Keely Commins, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Keely Commins, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


To alleviate the emotional and physical suffering of pets and the people who love them


To strengthen the human-animal bond through individualized support for improving pet behaviors using compassionate and science based methods