Training Tip: Begging

Begging for food is a normal learned behavior of both dogs and cats. Pets can engage in staring, pawing, vocalizing, and jumping up when begging. Usually this behavior develops because the pet has been rewarded for natural solicitous behavior prompted by the odor or sight of food. Rewards for begging behavior can occur either accidentally when food falls from a table or counter, or deliberately when an owner gives in to the pet. Children and visitors can contribute to begging behavior. Intermittent rewards reinforce begging.

Most begging is a nuisance.  When a pet is causing injury during begging, the pet must be safely secluded in another room when food is being prepared or eaten.  

Begging is simple to fix in theory. The pet should never receive any food or attention for begging.  Remember that begging behaviors will get worse before they extinguish, which can take several weeks if perfectly implemented.

If you are having a problem with begging, start with a free 30 minute phone consultation with me.