Living with Coyotes in San Francisco

Please be a responsible pet owner so we can all live together on this earth.

Keep pet food inside! Ensure your garbage cans are secure.

Keep your dogs on leash. Carry your small dogs when you are not actively surveilling your surroundings.

If your cats go outside, let them out late in the morning and bring them in early in the evening (add a litterbox, a new scratching post, and new toys - including treat-dispensing toys! - to make your cat's transition easier).

If you encounter a coyote, stand up straight, yell loudly, and vigorously wave your arms. Toss lightweight sticks or small rocks towards (not at) the coyote. Stomp your feet. Look threatening. Continue until the coyote has left the area. Consider carrying a whistle to help you to scare off a coyote.

Coyotes are wonderful animals with amazing adaptability. With a little effort on your part, we can peacefully co-exist. Please give these admirable animals the respect they deserve!

San Francisco residents should report coyote sightings or incidents to San Francisco Animal Care and Control by calling (415) 554-9400 or emailing

SF Chronicle Article 7/18/17