Initial Behavior ConsultationS

Appointments are offered as a house call at your home. My focus is diagnosing behavior problems and developing a Behavior Treatment Plan to manage and modify pet behavior which can be integrated into your daily life. The Initial Behavior Consultation begins with a thorough history taking, observation of your dog or cat in its home environment, comprehensive assessment of behavior problems, and diagnosis. I take a problem-oriented medical approach and will assess the objective data I attain to develop a Behavior Treatment Plan to improve and/or manage the behavior problem(s) affecting your relationship with your pet. I am not a trainer, but a veterinarian, with a goal to alleviate the emotional suffering of pets and the people who love them. I am committed to treating my patients and my clients with warmth, compassion, and respect. 

You should expect the following from your Initial Behavior Consultation:

  • It is required that you complete a Behavior History Questionnaire for each pet and Client Information Form online prior to my visit

  • Approximately 90 minute house call Initial Behavior Consultation

  • In-depth behavior assessment and diagnosis

  • Immediate strategies to ensure safety as needed

  • A detailed Behavior Treatment Plan provided within a week

  • Prescription for medication for your pet (if indicated) with refills for one year

  • Reasonable email support for one year to discuss progress, advise about implementation of the behavior modification, adjust medications as needed

Follow Up Behavior Consultations:  Additional appointments to discuss progress, assist with implementation of the behavior modification, adjust medications if needed, or begin treatment for secondary or emerging problems are sometimes necessary. Following the Initial Behavior Consultation, you may arrange additional appointments to meet your needs. Many clients schedule annual Follow Up Behavior Consultations to fine-tune our Behavior Treatment Plan and, if needed, to continue my prescribing authority which ends a year after our consultation (a California State law).

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Service area includes:  San Francisco, Marin County, Alameda County, Contra Costa County, San Mateo County, Napa County, Sonoma County, Santa Clara County


I promise respectful and compassionate communication by the next business day